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These 12 Women Are Being Considered For Positions In Trump's Cabinet

All eyes are on Donald Trump as he begins to assemble his cabinet members. The last two administrations, Clinton and Obama, gave about a third of all cabinet positions to women. Will Trump follow suit?

12 women under consideration for presidential cabinet positions

If Trump truly does value women, as he says he does, he will hire powerful women for White House positions. So far, these 12 are being considered.

  1. Kelly Ayotte - is being considered for either secretary of Defense, or possibly ambassador to the United Nations. She is currently a Republican senator from New Hampshire.
  2. Jan Brewer - as former governor of Arizona, Brewer is being considered for secretary of the Interior.
  3. Sarah Palin - former governor of Alaska and vice presidential pick in the 2008 presidential campaign, Palin is a contender for secretary of the Interior.
  4. Mary Fallin - currently governor of Oklahoma, Fallin is also being considered for a position as head of the Interior Department.
  5. Cynthia Lummis - Lummis is also being considered for secretary of the Interior. She is currently finishing her role as a member of the House of Representatives from Wyoming.
  6. Linda McMahon - wife of WWE CEO Vince McMahon, McMahon's only political experience is running unsuccessfully for a Senate seat in Connecticut in 2010 and 2012. Her name has been mentioned as a possible candidate for Commerce Department secretary.
  7. Victoria Lipnic - a qualified attorney from the law firm Seyfarth Shaw in Washington, Lipnic has served as a commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission since 2010, and was asked by President Obama to continue serving until 2020. She is a possible pick for Labor Department secretary.
  8. Carol Comer - attorney Comer is the commissioner of Indiana’s Department of Environmental Management and was appointed by Vice President-elect Mike Pence, in his capacity as governor of the state. She is a possible candidate for administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.
  9. Leslie Rutledge - this attorney general of Arkansas is another possible candidate to head the EPA.
  10. Pam Bondi - this attorney general of Florida is being considered for a cabinet position under Trump.
  11. Ronna Romney McDaniel - is being considered for the Republican National Committee chair position. She is currently chairwoman of the Michigan GOP.
  12. Kellyanne Conway - is the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign. Rumor has it that she is being considered for the role of White House press secretary.

All but one of these candidates are powerful women with political experience. Time will tell if Trump steps up to the plate to give them every consideration for equally powerful positions within his cabinet.