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How a 30-Year-Old Woman Raised $30K for 30 Women Entrepreneurs in Ethiopia -- In One Day!

CrowdRise 24 Hour Impact Project

When Mallory Brown turned 30, she celebrated in a most unusual way. She went to Ethiopia. There she participated in an organized challenge to raise funds to support women in Ethiopia.

The challenge is called the CrowdRise 24 Hour Impact Project. CrowdRise is the world’s largest and fastest​-​growing fundraising platform dedicated exclusively to charitable giving, and was named a “Top 25 Best Global Philanthropist” by Barron’s. It has the support of many large corporations, nonprofits, and artists like ​Kristen Bell, Pearl Jam, ​Sean Penn, ​Big Sean, ​Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd​ ​and many more.

Raises $30K in just 24 hours

Brown had just 24 hours to raise $30K that would be used to provide job training and materials for 30 women in the rural village of Chapa, Ethiopia, to start their own businesses. In Chapa, families live on just $2 a day. Brown has so far raised more than $36,000 which will enable 30 women to run 3 businesses on their own, including a livestock business, a grain mill house, and a beauty salon.

Not her first fundraiser

This isn't Brown's first accomplishment. It is her 5th fundraiser. Past fundraising events included raising more than $27,000 for a barbecue that served homeless people in Detroit, and $15,000 to provide eye exams to people in Kro Bei Riel, Cambodia. Brown co-created the 24-Hour-Impact challenge with CrowdRise.

As Brown stated, “I’ve never questioned that my efforts, while they may be small in scale, are massive for the individuals they impact.”

To learn more about The CrowdRise 24 Hour Impact Project, visit