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Women Starting Tech Companies are Getting Support From the Shatter Fund

A new venture capital called the Shatter Fund has a very distinct goal -- to facilitate the creation of more female-owned tech startup companies. Their goal is to raise $50 million for women entrepreneurs in the tech field.

As women business owners continue to struggle to find funding, very few are able to get needed capital to start or grow their businesses. It is a particular problem in the field of technology where men continue to dominate ownership of tech startups.

Propeller, a San-Francisco-based venture capital management company, started the Shatter Fund to make it easier for female entrepreneurs to find capital for their start-up tech companies. It's all about access to capital, and the new fund promises to go a long way to make sure women get it.

Women who start their own businesses should be able to get the same funding access as men. It's hard to believe that some lending institutions actually require a man's signature on the loan, even though a woman is applying for the funding. Cris Young, a Women’s Chamber of Commerce leader, commented, “We would like to think that every person is treated equally, however that is not the reality of it.”

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