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Houston Marketing Executive and CEO Encourages Women to "Think Bigger"

According to research, men executives make decisions quicker than women execs. Specifically, men will make decisions if they are 50 percent sure, while women need to be 80-90 percent sure. That is just one of the reasons for gender gaps among entrepreneurs, according to Carolyn Rodz, marketing exec and founder of the Circular Board, an accelerator for women entrepreneurs.

Addressing the issues

Rodz believes there is an entrepreneurial gender gap in Houston and across the state. So, she and Elizabeth Gore have organized a two-day summit where she can address this issue and offer advice to help women-owned start up businesses succeed. The list of speakers is pretty impressive, including fashion designer Rachel Roy, Jane Wurwand, co-founder of Dermalogica, Janet Gurwitch, founder of Laura Mercier Cosmetics, and Alli Webb, founder of DryBar. The summit will take place April 14 and 15 at Hotel ZaZa in Houston.

Some of the issues Rodz wants to take on include the need for women to take more risks when building their start-up companies. He also point out the need for women to realize the importance of looking for partners and investors at the get-go. This is a big issue. As Rodz explains it, "Women make certain decisions at the onset of starting a company that hinder them later on."

Rodz words of wisdom

There are two primary areas where Rodz says women need to do better if they want to succeed. One is to think bigger, and the other is to bring in partners. Improving in these key areas will go a long way toward helping women bridge the entrepreneurial gender gap.