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"Black Girls Code" Introduces Girls of Color to Computer Science

Kimberly Bryant, Founder, Black Girls Code
It's no secret that the number of African Americans in technology companies is minute. There is a big movement in Silicon Valley to change this, and the movement is being led by entrepreneurs, investors, engineers and advocates for offering more opportunities to underrepresented minorities in the nation's fastest-growing, highest-paying industry. One of these advocates has created a camp called Black Girls Code which teaches computer science to girls of color.

Teaching black girls how to code

In 2011, Kimberly Bryant founded Black Girls Code, a program that introduces girls of color to computer science as a potential career choice. Since the program began, it has introduced more than 4,000 girls in nine cities to computer science. Bryant's goal is to reach 1 million girls by the year 2040. She wants to grow a new generation of coders, or as she refers to them, "tech divas."

By introducing young girls to the world of computer science and coding, through workshops and after-school programs, the girls are not only learning a new skill but gaining confidence in their ability to code and carving their place in the world of technology. Many of Bryant's students have already gone to Dartmouth, Princeton and Spelman to study computer science.

Finding their voice

The work that Bryant is doing reflects efforts by many leaders across the country who want to see more African Americans in Silicon Valley. Bryant works with young girls to help them "find their voice" in the technology workplace. She adds, "We are creating a powerful community of women skilled and confident about what they can create in the workplace."