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Women Earn the Highest Pay in These 20 Jobs

The gender gap is still alive and well, but it doesn't exist in all jobs. Gender gap refers to the gap in wages based on gender. PayScale, an online resource for career candidates that help them determine what they are worth, recently published an article in Business Insider that indicates the pay gap doesn't affect all jobs. In many jobs, women not only dominate but make even more money than men.

Top 20 highest paying jobs for women

PayScale looked at occupations that have the highest median salaries for women who have 5-8 years of experience. Here are the top 10.

  1. Physician-General Practice: The median pay for women in this job is $165,000, and the percent of women in this job is 48 percent.
  2. Pediatrician: This job has 72 percent women, earning a median pay of $154,000.
  3. Pharmacist: 52 percent of pharmacists are women, earning a median pay of $117,000.
  4. Corporate Counsel: This job is 45 percent women who earn a median pay of $115,000.
  5. Vice President-Marketing: Almost half, or 49 percent, are women. Median pay is $106,000.
  6. Optometrist: More than half, or 54 percent, are women. Median pay is $105,000.
  7. Vice President of Human Resources: More than half, or 68 percent, are women, earning a median income of $103,000.
  8. Psychiatric Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner: This occupation is 82 percent women. Median pay is $101,000.
  9. Internal Auditing Manager: Median pay for this job is $96,000, and the job is made up of 40 percent women.
  10. Physician Assistant: This job is mostly women -- 70 percent, and women earn a median income of $94,600.

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