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Houston is the Top Metro Area for Women-Owned Businesses

Houston is the Top Metro Area for Women-Owned Businesses
Texas Governor Greg Abbott has a goal to make Texas the top state for women-owned firms. It seems he is well on his way because women-owned businesses in Texas are growing twice as fast as other companies across the nation, and Houston is the top metro area for women-owned businesses, based on revenue.

Why women in Texas are flourishing

Successful women like Arita Nicholas, who owns one of the largest woman- and minority-owned commercial printers in Houston, and Julissa Carielo who opened her own construction business feel that it is important to have capital, fewer barriers to women entrepreneurs, and freedom to expand and grow in order to become successful business owners. Texas offers all of that.

Although California is still the number one state for number of women-owned companies, Texas is growing fast. In fact, the state is growing at the second-fastest rate, even faster than California and New York. But that's not all. In addition, Texas boasts the following:

  • Number 2 in the nation for number of businesses owned by Latinas
  • Number 3 in the nation for number of businesses owned by African-American women and by Asian-American women
Texas makes it easier for women to start their own businesses by providing organizations such as Centers For Women in Business, the Governor's Commission for Women, Small Businesses Forums, as well as quicker licensing permit processes, franchise tax exemptions for veterans, and no personal or corporate income tax.

Governor's goal

But Texas isn't stopping here. According to Governor Abbott, his goal "is to make Texas the No. 1 state for women-owned businesses."

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