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And the Best State For Women-Owned Businesses Is...

Black woman entrepreneur

There is one state that leads the nation in having the fastest-growing number of women-owned businesses. Can you guess which state it is? New York? California? Even Washington D.C. takes second place to this state.

North Dakota leads the nation in fastest-growing women-owned businesses

It may surprise many to know that North Dakota leads the nation in the number of businesses owned by women. Not only has North Dakota had the fastest growth in the number of women-owned firms over the past 7 years, the state also ranks number one in growth in their number, revenues and employment by the 2015 American Express State of Women-Owned Businesses Report.

North Dakota's economy

North Dakota's economy has doubled over the past 11 years because of the oil boom with technology enabling them to reach more oil than before. But women don't have to be in the oil business to become successful in North Dakota. The state's booming economy has presented more opportunities for women across all industries to start their own business.

Add to this the fact that North Dakota has a strong business-friendly environment and low tax requirements make it a perfect place for women to own their own business.

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