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New York City Program To Help 5,000 Low-Income Women Become Entrepreneurs

New York City Women

A new program just launched in New York City called Women Entrepreneurs NYC (or WE NYC), has a goal to help 5,000 women from poor neighborhoods learn how to start their own business. The 3-year program targets women from poor communities in NYC who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

Why New York?

New York has about 25 percent of all its women and girls living in what has been labeled "economically vulnerable," according to a report by New York Women’s Foundation and Citi, both of whom are sponsoring the program. The program will provide education, business-building services, and other information and services to women interested in owning their own business.

The program targets residents of the New York City Housing Authority who are particularly struggling to make ends meet. Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen says that many of them "have terrific ideas, are really creative, (and) could be the next great entrepreneur, but are really struggling with how to break into business."

Program sponsors

Program sponsors include the Department of Small Business Services and Citi, and they both believe in the success of the program and are contributing more than $425,000 for the program. It will be launched in different phases, beginning with an education initiative that will include classes and workshops that will be held throughout the five boroughs and will be available in multiple languages.

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