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Research Shows Young, Good-Looking Women Earn More Money -- What??

Young Good-Looking Women

According to a Newsweek article, how you look matters when it comes to not only getting hired but earning more in the job market. And it affects both women and men, although particularly women.

Newsweek's research

This isn't just one person's viewpoint but the result of many researches done on the subject of how looks can affect your career. It's called the "beauty premium" which refers to the concept that women and men do better in the workplace and in life by being more attractive. According to research, attractive women earn four percent more on the job, and good-looking men earn 5 percent more than others who are less attractive.

Newsweek's astonishing research results

Newsweek's survey included 202 corporate hiring managers, from human-resources staff to senior-level vice presidents, and 964 members of the public. The results were astonishing, showing that looking good pays of from getting hired to being promoted.

Here are some of the survey statistics:
  • 57 percent of hiring managers said that qualified but unattractive candidates are likely to have a harder time being hired
  • 61 percent of managers said it would be an advantage for a woman to wear clothing at work that accentuated her figure. Some of these managers were women themselves!
  • One female recruiter from New York, who remains anonymous, told researchers “It’s better to be average and good-looking than brilliant and unattractive.”

Separating the women from the men

On the other hand, women take a greater beating when it comes to looks. If they are too attractive, they can lose career opportunities by being labeled a "bimbo." When it comes to aging, men can age and be labeled "distinguished," but when women age, they are just old.

It's hard to believe that in this day and age, looks still play a significant role in controlling our career and personal lives. Is the media to blame? Their role has pushed the idea on society that the image of beauty is young, skinny and perfectly gorgeous. Plastic surgery is being done by everyone now, not just celebrities. And sex is advertised everywhere, from TV sitcoms to movies to magazines and on the Internet. According to Newsweek, "what that means, say psychologists, is the evolution of a beauty standard that's becoming harder to achieve." And it has nothing to do with a woman's  or a man's intelligence, talents and ability to do the job.

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