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Florida Is the Sixth Fastest-Growing State for Women-Owned Businesses

Florida Is the Sixth Fastest-Growing State for Women-Owned Businesses
Over the past 15 years, the state of Florida has experienced a tremendous increase in the number of small businesses started and owned by women. Women are starting businesses there faster than the national average. So, what's Florida's secret?

Reason for the growth

The growth of women-owned small businesses in Florida over the last 15 years has reached 74 percent. What's their secret? Certification. Women's organizations throughout Florida are very supportive of women becoming certified as a minority- or woman-owned business. This certification is extremely important in order for women-owned businesses to get contracts from both private and public sector businesses.

The importance of certification

The certification process is intense but gives women business owners access to greater opportunities for business growth through contracts. The certification program is offered by companies such as the National Women Business Owners Corporation, who offers the same program used by federal government agencies, the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Women-Owned Small Business and Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business contracting program.

National Women Business Owners Corporation President Janet Harris-Lange has enabled thousands of women to complete the certification program. She stated that “Companies want to count their spending with minority and women-owned businesses, but they want them to prove their ownership status.” As a nonprofit who is an approved Third Party Certifier for the program, her company is doing its share to make sure women-owned businesses are certified and get access to contracts where they can grow and prosper.

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