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Why Women's Entrepreneurship Day Is Important

Women's Entrepreneurship Day
November 19, 2014 was an important day for women entrepreneurs across the globe. It was the very first Global Women's Entrepreneurship Day. It was held at the United Nations in New York City to recognize and honor women entrepreneurs who are driving economic growth in 144 countries.

Why it is important

Global Women's Entrepreneurship Day is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week which began in 2007. By identifying one day dedicated to women entrepreneurs, people from across the globe can not only focus on the challenges of female entrepreneurs but also make an important statement to support and empower women entrepreneurs worldwide.

Women have made great strides in becoming business owners. In fact, the Women's Survey Paper estimates that in 2012, over 200 million women were either planning to start or already started their own businesses. But they continue to face problems and challenges.

Finding solutions to problems

One of the biggest challenges for women entrepreneurs is finding the finances to support their businesses, especially when larger amounts are needed to expand and grow. Another challenge is getting the education and experience needed to start and grow a business. These and other issues are among the important challenges for women business owners that can be targeted and addressed at Global Women's Entrepreneurship Day.

More than 60 countries participated in the first Global Women's Entrepreneurship Day. It is fully expected to grow and include even more countries in the years to follow but, even more importantly, provide crucial information for female entrepreneurs that will help them succeed.

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