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The Hottest Jobs for Women -- Or, Where to Find the Big Bucks!

Cosmopolitan Magazine recently published a list of the top 14 best jobs for women. The list was created by two of Cosmo's career consultants. This list represents what they feel are the absolute best jobs for women.

They include many jobs you may not have even considered, such as a public relations specialist, web site strategist, physical therapist or information security analyst.

Here are just 5 of the top 14:

#1 - Information security analyst - this is a hot area that pays very well. If you love technology and are interested in designing ways to prevent network systems from being broken into, this job area is in big demand.

#2 - PR specialist - this job is responsible for maintaining a company's positive image. Whether it's social media or the company web site, the PR specialist makes sure all communication puts a positive spin on a company.

#3 - Physician's assistant - this is another very hot field for women with an interest in medicine but do not want to go all the way through med school. This job pays very well and performs patient exams, tests, makes diagnoses and gives treatment. Pay is very good.

#4 - Video game designer - this field isn't just for guys. If you are creative and love technology, video game designers make big bucks by creating games from scratch.

#5 - Health care technology manager - another hot job in the field of medicine combines technology with health care to create a position for managing patient records and databases. The pay for this job is similar to the pay for a physician's assistant.

To read the complete list of all 14 jobs recommended by Cosmopolitan Magazine, visit: