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Community Foundation Awards Grants to Help Women in the Workforce

Illinois Prairie Community Foundation
The Illinois Prairie Community Foundation’s Women to Women Giving Circle awards grants every year to businesses whose programs and projects help increase opportunities for women and children in central Illinois. The organization has been actively awarding grants for four years totaling $114,000.

The organization recently awarded $35,068 in grants to four non-profit companies. Each year, the organization has a specific focus for grants, and this year it was to help women with career development and learning skills to enter the workforce. Each of the businesses received anywhere from $6,000 to $14,000 in grant money.

The organization, part of the Illinois Prairie Community Foundation, raises money which they award in grants for programs that meet the local needs of women and girls. Programs can include helping women become self-sufficient, enter the workforce, or helping unemployed women locate career options.

Women to Women Giving Circle has 105 members, all dedicated to learning what's needed to help women in their communities and supporting small non-profit organizations who are equally dedicated to helping women and girls.

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