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Niagara Falls Businesswoman Creates Women-in-Business Grant Program

Shannon Passero
A successful businesswomen in Niagara Falls chose a generous way in which to celebrate the success of her business after 15 years. Shannon Passero, owner of Passero's Design Studio in Niagara Falls, decided to pass it forward to other women entrepreneurs.

By creating the Women's Business Grant program, Ms. Passero intends to help other women-owned, Ontario-based businesses that use the principles of social consciousness, sustainability and innovation. The awards program includes two $12,500 grants. Businesses need to be wholly-owned by a woman and have been in business for three or more years in order to qualify for a grant. Businesses located in Niagara Falls are given special consideration.

Ms. Passero is a designer of womenswear. Her store features an unique assortment of high quality clothing, accessories, home furnishings, gifts and d├ęcor as well as one-of-a-kind products that are well-crafted and creative.

Ms. Passero's grant program demonstrates the fact that there are many sources for grant money available, including other entrepreneurs. As she states, “It is so important to have someone believe in your work and in this economic climate, I hope to empower new opportunities through this financial support.” Applications for grants in 2014 will be available after the first of the year.

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