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Hillshire Brands Supports Nutrition Education Programs

Hillshire BrandsNearly half of all women-owned businesses in the U.S. are focused in three primary areas, one of which is health care and social assistance. This is a hot industry in the U.S. and represents a field in which women can search for and apply for grant money.

Hillshire Brands Corporate Contributions supports non-profit programs in metropolitan Chicago and other locations around the country where there are Hillshire Brands’ facilities. Non-profit programs that focus on nutrition, maintaining healthy weight, and fighting hunger may receive grant money for their business.

Businesses must be non-profit and provide services in the areas of hunger prevention and nutrition education. Hunger prevention programs that
include food rescue efforts, providing access to fresh produce and meat-based protein, meal programs for school children during the summer and hunger awareness education are eligible.

Programs that teach nutrition and nutrition education are also eligible. Priority is given to organizations that help underserved community residents by distributing food, teaching them how to prepare healthy foods, and providing other free or low-cost nutrition services to those in need.

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