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Local Women Receive Grants From Santa Maria Women's Network

Santa Maria Women's Network
Every year the Santa Maria Women's Network in Santa Maria, California, awards a grant to a local woman for the purpose of helping them build or increase a business or continue their education. For the first time this year, the organization has awarded two grants.

Two active members of the Santa Maria Women's Network each received a $1,000 grant. One recipient will use her grant money to fund her education in working toward a degree in nutrition. The other recipient is using the grant to help pay for equipment for her message therapy business.

The Santa Maria Women’s Network is a non-profit, member-based organization who is dedicated to promoting both professional and personal development of members in the Santa Maria, California area. Both men and women from community businesses as well as private sectors represent the membership and work together to support each other and the advancement of women.

Membership fees fund the grant program. Fees collected at meetings and events are put into an account that funds both grants and scholarships. The amount of money deposited determines how many awards can be given annually.

The Santa Maria Women's Network was established 30 years ago. In addition to grants for women, the organization offers scholarships and hosts an annual Women of Excellence event honoring the accomplishments of women in business.

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